The fountain of youth is something that people have looked for over centuries but the Japanese already know that the key to living longer could be down to drinking matcha tea. This age-old remedy for various ailments has been in their DNA for over 800 years. Matcha tea first discovered in China by a Buddhist Zen Monk who then took it back with him to Japan for his fellow monks. 

Sipping a matcha smoothie in Bali Indonesia. Why Matcha Green Tea Could Be The Key to a Longer, Healthier Life

It wasn’t long before news spread of this “miracle” drink that not only tasted delicious, had powerful, positive wellbeing effects. The drink was adopted by Samurai warriors who swore by it to enhance their concentration and alertness as well as maintain an aura of calm during battle. Today, you’ll find matcha tea in abundance, all over Japan, and not only as a drink but also in local cuisine.  So what is it about matcha tea that’s so good for your health?

Could Drinking Matcha Lead to a Longer Life?

The drink has been studied by various health and wellbeing experts, including those in the medical world. In fact, the findings tell us that drinking matcha regularly could indeed slow down ageing and even increase the chances of a longer life. Take a look at the Japanese; surely it’s no co-incidence that the WHO (World Health Organisation) tells us they’re among the longest livers on earth?

Packed with Vitamins

Matcha is packed full of vital nutrients, including antioxidant vitamins A, B, C, E. Those vitamins work hard to give the body a boost when it comes to fighting off attackers, such as infection, viruses, UV rays, pollution, smoke and other nasties that cause illness, aging and even poor mental health. As well as those vitamins, matcha contains dietary fibre, sodium, calcium. Zinc and iron, all essential for good wellbeing and could even improve your chances of extra years later on. It’s not just those nutrients, matcha is a source of caffeine but contains less caffeine per serving than coffee and the type of caffeine in matcha is gentler. So it doesn’t give you the jitters, instead it’s a slow-release energy. There are innumerable studies that show that caffeine can speed up the metabolism, meaning it’s a good fat-burner and can help in the fight against obesity, one of the biggest problems in the Western world and that causes premature death in so many.

A Long List of Health Benefits

If you look at the benefits of matcha in more depth, you’ll find a huge list, some people say it’s good for bolstering the body with what it needs to fight against cancers because it contains anti-inflammatory properties (but by no means it is a substitute to cancer medication) however; it cannot hurt to drink it. It also balances the blood which helps to guard against heart attack and stroke because in doing so, it reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. It’s energising (there’s that caffeine content again!) and its antioxidant vitamins encourage a healthy immune system, more resistant to attack. Matcha contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate, known to help the immune system stay strong and additionally, it’s a natural detoxifier, helping you to rid your body of those nasties such as chemicals, toxins and other unwanted visitors.

Matcha and Diabetes

There are various additional studies on matcha and diabetes and even the most authoritative studies say that drinking matcha tea could even reverse diabetes. Here’s one such study on matcha drinking and diabetes which clearly states that a Japanese study saw a 33% reduction of developing Type 2 diabetes in those participating.

Matcha and Covid-19

Of course, in today’s times, staying healthy is paramount if you want to give your body a fighting chance against Covid-19 so it’s heartening to know that in recent studies, matcha tea helps the body with resistance. In countries where matcha green tea is a regular beverage, Covid-19 rates of infection appear lower than countries that do not favour matcha tea – here’s the evidence

In conclusion, drinking matcha green tea regularly gives your body a wealth of nutrients that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle and longer life too. Plus, it’s so satisfying and deliciously rich and creamy. Isn’t it time you tried it for yourself? Shop here for our uber-tasty Ceremonial Matcha and Culinary Matcha.