The first Matcha Cafe in Bali, serving the best ceremonial matcha green tea sourced directly from the farm in Uji, Kyoto region of Japan
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Matchakin was created out of friendship, community, and passion. The simple act of coming together in a moment of connection to enjoy great-tasting matcha.

Matteo Larghi the founder of Matcha Cafe Bali
Matcha latte made with Matchakin Eco Ceremonial Matcha

Rooted in Community

It started in 2017 when our founders, Matteo and Cyril crossed paths at Matcha Cafe Bali.

Cyril arrived in Bali searching for the best matcha green tea on the island. The Matcha Cafe in Canggu was without a doubt the place to be. It was lively, welcoming, and the matcha exceeded his expectations. He met the owner, Matteo, and they bonded over their love of matcha.

There was only one problem. When it was time for Cyril to leave, his bike wouldn’t start. It was as if the cafe wanted him to stay a little longer. The staff kindly helped him get the bike to the nearest garage. Cyril would soon be back to thank them and enjoy more of that delicious matcha.

It was that day that sparked a great friendship between Cyril and Matteo. Later, they would look back and laugh at this moment with the bike and how their friendship had grown - all because of matcha.

A New Beginning

Seven years later, Matteo decided to part ways with Matcha Cafe Bali. It was an amazing journey but it was time to move on. He wanted more people to be able to access and easily enjoy high-quality matcha at home. It was time for him to take his online matcha retail business to the next level and he knew Cyril would be the perfect partner to help him do it.

Matchakin Change the Ceremonial
Matchakin Change the Ceremonial

That’s when Matchakin was born

Everyone can and should drink matcha - that’s our mission. The vision for Matchakin is to create a community where everyone can effortlessly enjoy high-quality matcha in their daily lives.

That’s why we chose the name Matchakin. In Japanese, ‘Matcha’ means ‘grounded tea’ (ma-cha) and ‘Kin’ translates to ‘relative’ which for us in English means family, circle and community - a coming together of the East and West.

These two words together embody the values of community, rooted in our founders' friendship that grew all thanks to their shared love for matcha. Matchakin reflects togetherness and unity, something that we aspire to extend to everyone.

When you take a sip of Matchakin, you’re tasting the finest quality product sourced with organic and ethical farming practices. It’s not just the taste you experience, it’s the ceremonial traditions, rich origins, and ties to a community that enjoys it with you.

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Meet The Founders

Matteo, founder of Matchakin


Matcha connoisseur Matteo brings his passion for quality and expert knowledge to source the finest matcha for Matchakin.

In 2006, he took the first of many trips to Japan. This first visit was a pivotal moment in his life, introducing him to the world of matcha. He fell in love instantly. Captivated by the vibrant flavours, cultural significance, and brilliant health benefits.

Matteo took a break from his career as Creative Director to travel to Asia. He trekked to the Everest base camp, explored Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia and the vibrant streets of India. He formed connections with people along the way and found a deep appreciation for the diverse cultures and rich traditions.

Eventually he was drawn to Bali, where he deepened his mindful practices and realized his true values and the importance of community. In his early days in Bali, he searched the island for good quality matcha, but the matcha he fell in love with in Japan just wasn’t there.

That’s when he decided to open Matcha Cafe Bali. He did extensive research to bring quality Japanese matcha to Bali and to share its rich history and incredible health benefits. His cafe quickly became a vibrant space for matcha enthusiasts to connect.

Matteo has since dedicated his time to learning about matcha, its quality, and its ceremonial history. Now he brings his expertise to Matchakin so that more people can easily enjoy the finest and best-tasting matcha.

Cyril, founder of Matchakin


Cyril, a photographer and matcha-enthusiast, brings his creative eye and visionary outlook to Matchakin.

In 2001, Cyril began his photography journey in Paris which would take him around the world to 30 countries. It was during his travels that he discovered the amazing taste and health benefits of matcha green tea.

Cyril grew his photography career and became actively involved in advertising photography and fashion editorial shoots. He was able to skillfully capture spontaneous expressions, movements, and moments through his lens. His editorial work has been featured in renowned magazines around the world and continues to be today.

In 2021, Cyril founded Supercool Studio, a boutique photography and content creation agency in Bali committed to bringing brand personalities to life through exceptional content. They’ve worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Red Bull, Oakley, Asics, Smart, and Le Coq Sportif - and now Matchakin.

Cyril brings his artistic flare to Matchakin, blending his passion for matcha and his love of storytelling through content creation and photography.

Our founders are passionate about matcha and they hope you enjoy Matchakin as much as they do.

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