The hills of Uji in Japan where Matcha Cafe Bali source their matcha green tea
Our matcha

Highest-quality matcha from Japan

Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, eco-friendly, ethically sourced

Here at Matchakin, we’re committed to excellence. We only believe in the finest quality matcha for our products. When you taste Matchakin, you notice the difference. There’s so much passion behind every cup.

The camellia sinensis matcha green tea plant

Ethically sourced and organic

We care about where our matcha comes from, that’s why we’ve tasted so many different matcha grades from various farms. We’ve selected the absolute best Japanese matcha we could find for our brand, but most importantly for you - our community of customers. Great quality matcha not only means great taste, but it also means better health benefits. When you drink Matchakin, you experience the difference all around.

We proudly collaborate with small farmers who are deeply dedicated to organic and ethical farming practices, championing their craftsmanship and honouring this rich history. Plus all of our matcha is JAS certified from our suppliers.

Matchakin Change the Ceremonial

Matcha for everyone

Accessibility is important to us. Our ethos is that everyone can and should drink matcha. That’s why we’ve created a quality product at an accessible price point that you can enjoy at home. We aim to change the ceremonial and bring matcha into the modern everyday. We firmly believe that matcha powder deserves a place in every household cupboard, next to your salt, sugar, and coffee.

Enjoying a good cup of matcha green tea shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. We’ve made it easy with Matchakin so you can enjoy it every day. Simple. No fuss. Great taste.


Sustainability is a big part of our values. We don’t like to waste our matcha, and we’re sure you don’t either. That’s why our matcha leaves are harvested in small batches and ground according to supply and demand.

This not only reduces waste but also ensures your matcha is the freshest available. As soon as the leaves are ground into a stone-fine matcha powder, it’s sealed in our packaging which is designed to prevent light, moisture, bacteria, and oxygen from getting in. This means you can guarantee incredible flavour every time.

Our matcha is sourced directly from tea farmers and tea processing manufacturers so once it’s sealed, it’s ready to be shipped out of Japan.

Testing & Product Safety

We have rigorous standards and maintain meticulous safety measures to ensure the quality of our matcha products. We take lots of precautions so you always know you are getting the best matcha green tea, we regularly analyse samples for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, and mycotoxins so you always enjoy all clean, nutritious, delicious, and green matcha.

Ceremonial & Culinary Matcha

Not all matcha is created the same. We have different times of high-quality matcha to suit your every need.


We offer two grades of ceremonial matcha: Master and Eco. Our Master blend is created with the finest top leaves from the initial harvest. This gives it a superior rich and creamy flavour. The Eco grade also uses the same quality leaves but with a slightly inferior selection and the inclusion of some second flush leaves. Both our Master and Eco grades are best enjoyed as traditional tea, but you can add milk depending on your taste.


Our Premium Culinary blend matcha is sourced from the first and second flush of leaves. It has outstanding quality that is specifically tailored to culinary applications. This matcha is slightly more bitter which makes it ideal for lattes, cooking, baking, and adding to smoothies.

Nutrition Rich

Our matcha leaves undergo a precise shading process that lasts approximately 20 days before harvesting. This is a significantly important part of the process as it highly impacts the flavour, colour, and nutritional content of the matcha powder.

During this process, chlorophyll production is stimulated in the leaves. When this level is just right, the leaves will be bright, green and the flavour at its best.

It’s at this stage when the leaves are rich in amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Amino acids, particularly L-theanine, promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

This combined with the small amount of caffeine in matcha, gives us a sustained energy boost, without the jitteriness you might experience with the caffeine in coffee. The antioxidants in matcha support our immune systems by fighting inflammation and supporting heart health.

The premium quality of all our matcha is essential for not only its amazing taste but also the nutritional benefits it provides. We hope you can enjoy our matcha and the holistic experience that comes with the dedication and precision that goes into its creation.