The best time to drink Matcha green tea is between 8 a.m. and 12 noon or during an early afternoon. Why? - Because this specific timing is considered as the best time for your body's digestive system to best metabolize nutrients.

An immediate energy boost awaits anyone who drinks Matcha green tea during this specific time - a long-lasting and stable wave of energy that will not leave you with a crash at the end of the day. Green tea is very well-known for its detoxifying properties, which makes it best to drink matcha green tea in the morning before your first meal of the day. This will help flush toxins from your digestive system and give you a kick start for the rest of the day.

The best time to drink Matcha green tea

Don't believe us? - It might be best to just try it out yourself!

Furthermore, you can also drink matcha green during lunchtime or afternoon, but best not after 2 p.m. as it might affect your sleep if you do.
This powerful green tea can be served with your favorite milk and a sweetener of choice (we love almond milk and honey).

Start Your Day With Matcha Tea In The Morning

Get an energy boost with a cup of matcha, which, unlike coffee, will last you all day long. Drinking a cup of Matcha in the morning is best, as it can help you stay alert and informed for the rest of the day. Sometimes we simply cannot avoid long encounters with boring people and extensive reading sessions. However, Matcha tea can really assist us to maintain a good level of concentration even when we need to pay attention to minute details.

If you are having trouble concentrating on a task, try having a cup of Matcha Green Tea and notice the difference.

Prepare The Best Cup Of Matcha In The Morning

  1. Place a fine-mesh strainer over your chawan bowl, then use the chasaku bamboo scoop to sift about a half teaspoon (1 gram) of matcha into the bowl.
  2. Pour a small amount of water (about 50ml or a quarter cup) of hot water (not boiling, 70°C-160°F is ideal) into the bowl.
  3. Using your chasen bamboo whisk, vigorously mix the matcha in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy (around 10-15 seconds).
  4. Add more water to your taste preference. The more you add, the lighter the flavor. Matcha’s grassy, umami flavor can be an acquired taste, feel free to add a sweetener like honey and milk if you like.
  5. Drink the matcha directly from the bowl. Make sure to drink it right after you've prepared it—the powder will settle at the bottom after a while.

Benefits: Improves liver function, Inhibits cell damage, Inhibits inflammation, Promotes skin health, and is used as a natural anti-depressant.

Get A Boost Of Energy In The Afternoon

Many people drink coffee in the afternoon and some individuals become addicted to caffeine, which is not suitable for our overall health. After working hard throughout the day, try drinking a cup of matcha green tea because it helps relax your muscles and nerves.

Make sure to drink a cup of Matcha Green Tea because this popular beverage boosts metabolism and increases energy levels.

    A Cup Of Matcha Before Exercise And Workout Routines

    Drinking a cup of Matcha before your exercise routine can be very helpful. Matcha helps you have a better workout by protecting the muscles from being broken down and re-building them to recover faster. In addition, it can also help your body break down fat that is stored in the body, which allows you to burn calories much quicker during workouts.

    Furthermore, it has been proven that drinking matcha green tea before workouts can also improve strength, stamina, and energy.

    The Importance Of Community

    You can drink matcha, like anything else, as your own moment of pleasure or routine – nothing wrong about that. But we cannot stress enough how important is sharing meals and drinks with your friends and family, spending time with your community and enjoy a simple moment like having a cup of matcha green tea.

    It is not only about having fun, but keeping yourself healthy and happy. Sharing something you love with the people you love is an amazing part of life.

    Times To Avoid

    The best time to drink Matcha green tea is in the morning and afternoon, but better not after 2 p.m. since it might influence your sleep. According to research, caffeine use late in the day has been linked to more energy and a later bedtime. The extra energy will help you stay active, and your sleep may be disrupted. Caffeine is best consumed before noon, but if you can't avoid drinking it in the afternoon, make sure to limit yourself to only one cup. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on our nervous system. It blocks adenosine, making us feel more awake and alive every time we have a cup.

    Those who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid taking Matcha in large quantities. Usually, one to two cups a day is enough to keep you going and provide excellent health benefits without the jitters like coffee.


    The best time to drink Matcha green tea is in the morning and afternoon, 30 minutes to an hour before food or exercise. This specific type of green tea can help you maintain focus when reading, writing, studying, etc., increase metabolism rates, so you burn more calories throughout the day with easier workouts, provide energy when it's needed most, and improve overall health.

    Matcha green tea is best enjoyed before meals, but not after 2 p.m. or if you are sensitive to caffeine. If possible, try having Matcha in the morning or afternoon, but never late at night since it will affect your energy levels, mood, and sleep quality. Be grateful while drinking it and realize all the benefits that come with consuming Matcha!

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