Say hello to our new brand Matchakin! A fresh identity for the future of our matcha. This new name brings together our mission to provide the highest-quality matcha for everyone to enjoy.

Matchakin - Change the Ceremonial

Parting with Matcha Cafe Bali

It was time to part ways with our beloved Matcha Cafe. Matteo, the founder, was running both the cafe and the online store since 2017. While the last seven years were an incredible journey, he decided he needed to let both ventures grow in their own directions.

He met incredible people at the cafe and formed lifelong connections. One friendship stood out in particular with our now co-founder, Cyril. They met at the cafe just after it opened and have now joined together to bring Matchakin to life. Matteo is incredibly grateful to everyone who visited the cafe and is confident it’s in safe hands and has a bright future ahead.

Now, Matteo is fully committed to the online retail business that has transformed into Matchakin. He saw this as an opportunity to share his passion for matcha more widely with the world.

The Story Behind Matchakin

The new name is symbolic of how matcha brings people together in a moment of unity. In Japanese, ‘Matcha’ means ‘grounded tea’ (ma-cha) and ‘Kin’ translates to ‘relative’ which for us means family, circle and community. These two words together, Matchakin, embody the values of community, rooted in our founders' friendship that grew all thanks to their shared love for matcha. Matchakin reflects a sense of togetherness and connection, something that we aspire to extend to everyone through our matcha.

Our slogan, change the ceremonial stands for our vision to create a community where people can effortlessly incorporate matcha into their daily lives. We believe that everyone can and should drink matcha. It deserves a place in your cupboard much like your coffee, tea, sugar and salt. That’s why we’ve made it easy to make great-tasting matcha from home, without complex or time-consuming methods.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our matcha as part of your daily routine - because we know it tastes great and the health benefits are too good to miss. Whether you enjoy your matcha alone or with friends, let it be a moment of pause and connection with yourself or your community around you.

Committed to Excellence

With a new brand name comes a new level of commitment to excellence. We don’t believe in anything less than amazing quality and care. For that reason, we dedicated time and energy to researching and testing the perfect matcha for our brand. We visited numerous farms across Japan and sampled various grades of matcha tea.

It’s essential that our matcha not only tastes good but comes from a good place. We proudly collaborate with small local farmers to produce small batches that are dedicated to organic and ethical farming practices. The process of creating matcha green tea takes time, dedication and craftsmanship so working closely with these farmers has been paramount in delivering the high quality of our matcha. We are proud to announce that all of our matcha is JAS certified from our suppliers.

Our new brand brings enhanced quality to our matcha products that we hope to share around the world. We are now excited to offer free shipping for all orders within the EU when you spend over 50 euros, and a 6 euro shipping charge for all other orders under 50 euro.

We hope you love Matchakin as much as we do. Discover your new favourite matcha from our collection.