Chasen Bamboo Whisk

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Experience the epitome of matcha perfection with our new Chasen Bamboo Whisk, the quintessential tool for achieving the smoothest, creamiest matcha every time. Crafted with 100 prongs meticulously designed to capture air bubbles, this Chasen whisk, also known as the Japanese term for the whisk, elevates your matcha-making ritual to an art form.

Our eco-conscious Bamboo Chasen Whisk is expertly crafted from sustainable bamboo. Each whisk is not just a utensil but a testament to the enduring legacy of matcha tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Now, with our innovative eco-sustainable packaging and the Matchakin logo engraved, every aspect of your matcha experience reflects our commitment to both tradition and sustainability.

To prepare the perfect cup of matcha, simply whisk the vibrant green powder into hot water with a brisk motion for 10-15 seconds until a luxurious froth adorns the surface of your tea. Elevate your matcha journey with our Bamboo Chasen Whisk – where tradition meets sustainability for an unparalleled tea experience.

Looking After Your Chasen

To care for your Chasen Bamboo Whisk, simply hand-wash in warm water after use and leave to air-dry in its Chasen Kusenaoshi Whisk Holder. Always wash with warm water before use.