Join the Matcha Cafe Bali Ambassador Program

Get up to 15% Commissions

As a brand ambassador, you’d partner with us and would have access to an amazing exclusive program: 

  • Up to 50% discount on your personal orders.
  • Every time someone buys a product using your unique link or coupon code, you will earn a 10% (some of our current ambassadors earn over 350 EUR a month!) If the sales go well we increase the commission up to 15%.
  • Every time someone comes to our website using your unique link, we register the cookies and remember this customer for 60 days. This means that for every order on our website we will always give you a commission.
  • We will share your content on our channels, whenever possible, and help you growing your presence on social media

Discount Coupons

Any customer using an ambassador’s coupon on their order will result in a referral order and a commission will be calculated based on the total order after applying the code (not including extra fee such as tax, shipping fee, etc.)