Chawan Matcha Bowl

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Handmade and fired using high quality ceramics, our solid, white glazed Chawan Matcha Bowls are the perfect accompaniment for your flavoursome matcha green tea. They’re the ideal size, with the sides and shape of the bowl created so the whisk can produce gorgeous looking foam at the top of your tea. They’re also traditional in shape and as well as being the correct type of bowl to use when drinking your matcha, they make a good-looking piece to show off on display! As every bowl is carefully handmade along with the firing process involved each bowl is slightly different, giving all of them their very own individual good looks. The dimensions are 11.5cm x 7cm. These Chawan are made in China.

Did You Know?

The word “Chawan” comes from Japan and translated means “tea bowl”. For centuries, the Japanese have enjoyed their green teas and matcha tea from Chawan Bowls. Interestingly, Chawan Bowls originate from Chinese design because before matcha arrived in Japan (in 1191 AD), it was a Chinese drink.

Our matcha Chawan Bowls are very similar to those used all those centuries ago and feature the wide base and high sides. This is to ensure that the Bamboo Whisk involved in creating the froth on top of matcha tea can move with enough freedom to capture the air sufficiently.