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For a limited time, you can purchase the classic bamboo whisks from Matcha Cafe Bali at a heavily discounted price, while supplies last.

For authentic matcha that tastes as smooth and creamy as possible, we recommend that you prepare it the way that’s been practiced for hundreds of years, using a Chasen (the Japanese term) whisk. It is the most important tool when it comes to making the best tasting matcha.

This Bamboo Chasen Whisk has 100 prongs that capture the air as it bubbles up while whisking your matcha in hot water. It’s made out of sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo and is the material that’s been used by matcha tea lovers for centuries. Simply whisk the matcha into the hot water using a fast motion for approximately 10-15 seconds until your matcha tea has a beautiful froth on top.

Looking After Your Chasen

To care for your Chasen Bamboo Whisk, simply hand-wash in warm water after use and leave to air-dry in its Chasen Kusenaoshi Whisk Holder. Always wash with warm water before use.